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Be Thankful Tee

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Introducing our captivating tee, adorned with the timeless message from Psalm 100:4, "Be thankful." Crafted for both style and spiritual inspiration, this tee exudes elegance and grace while encouraging an attitude of gratitude.

The rich green color evokes a sense of strength and vitality, making a bold statement that catches the eye and uplifts the spirit. Its relaxed fit and soft fabric ensure all-day comfort, allowing you to wear your faith with ease and confidence.

Emblazoned across the front is the powerful message "Be thankful," drawn from the profound words of Psalm 100:4. This verse serves as a gentle reminder to cultivate a heart of gratitude in all circumstances, acknowledging the blessings and goodness of God in our lives.

As you wear this tee, let it serve as a tangible reminder of the importance of thankfulness and praise in the Christian journey. Embrace the comfort and inspiration of this hunter green Christian tee as you cultivate a spirit of gratitude and joy in your daily life.

Color: Heather Military Green

Brand: Bella Canvas Unisex 

Handmade from the heart

Each T-Shirt is created and designed by Alivia! We also love to keep our business local, so we have them printed through a local shop in Dalton, GA!