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Pray Tee

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Introducing our vibrant hot pink Christian tee, radiating with energy and faithfulness, featuring the empowering word "Pray" displayed in dainty, crisp white ink across the front. Crafted with passion and purpose, this tee is a stylish expression of the power of prayer.

The striking hot pink color ignites a sense of enthusiasm and vibrancy, making a bold statement wherever you go. Its comfortable fit and soft fabric ensure that you can wear your faith with ease and confidence.

The word "PRay," prominently showcased on the front, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance and efficacy of prayer in the Christian journey. It invites wearers to embrace a life of prayerfulness, seeking God's guidance, strength, and provision in every aspect of their lives.

Whether you're engaged in daily activities, attending church services, or sharing your faith with others, this hot pink tee is the perfect way to proclaim your commitment to prayer and inspire those around you to deepen their relationship with God through heartfelt communication.


Brand: L.A.T Unisex Fit

Handmade from the heart

Each T-Shirt is created and designed by Alivia! We also love to keep our business local, so we have them printed through a local shop in Dalton, GA!